A Haiku on the power of personal energy

Photo by Derek Story on Unsplash

Life holds up mirrors

if you don’t like what you see,

Change how you vibrate

Things do not happen to us. We view events, make our interpretations as “happenings”. Every event that we are faced with is a reflection of our personal vibration.

An “unfavorable” event is an opportunity for us to look inward and ask the honest questions:

“ What about my current internal energy is causing this?”

“What about my internal energy or vibration should I change?”.

The vibrations we transmit are a choice. That choice can trigger one to rapidly move up in the energy continuum.

Gradually, you will see the change in what you see in the mirrors.

A Haiku on Spring

Courtesy: Me :)

“In case you forgot”,

She seems to say, with a wink

Jacaranda blooms

Nature keeps time, even in urban landscapes where man has trespassed into her abode.

She remembers, by the dot. And when that day comes, she unleashes her sensual dance — of colour, smells and a beautiful ecosystem that surrounds it.

Spring is a reminder of “This too will pass” from the grey of winter.

A Haiku on finding your self

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

An imp that distracts

is Identification.

Observe it, it dies.

Our real selves are free, detached, and unstained. Then there is the layer we create above the self, as light as silk or as thick as a wall — the layer that we dress up, give a name and carry on our shoulders. These layers have life, have character, and very noisy — like imps. These imps are visible to some — who call them our personalities.

There is a choice one makes — to carry around these imps or slay some of them.

Slaying is easy. Just look at each one of them in its eyes — and in that blinking contest only one side wins — you.

You would be better off for it.

Possibly trees are your best happiness tutors

Courtesy: Dimitris Vetsikas @ Pixabay

Once in India on a road trip, I stopped by to ask for directions. A sprightly man who ran a small tea-and-snack shop helped out. “About a furlong ahead, you will see a really large tree. Take the narrow lane to the left”.

I did not know what or how far a furlong was. But I did find the tree.

Fertile, rooted and beautiful, she stood. A few people stood by her shade, awaiting a bus.

Five years later, she was there too. She may have been there for years. …

A Haiku on being alive

Photo by Yurii Stupen on Unsplash

Blip. Pause. Blip. Pause. Blip

All ye creatures great and small

Feel the pulse, feel life

A Haiku on the glee of homecoming

Photo courtesy: Me :) Feb 2021

Far away at sea

A boatman sees this light; prays

“Kids, am coming home”

The build-up to a one-night stand

Photo by Nathan Lindahl on Unsplash

The mild humidity of a coastal town gives a certain glow to a woman’s skin.

“There is probably time for one more drink”, he thought to himself.

The corner table at the beach shack felt like their own now. The sun had set. Nature was showing off her colours in the big twilight canvas. They have been together for about three hours. Exactly three hours since he saw her for the very first time.

“I will get this one”, she said. Her eyes glistened, as she looked probably a couple of seconds too long…

A Haiku on life from lovely Australia

Photo by Max on Unsplash

A vault of seconds,

memories, sounds, and feelings.

The human body

A Haiku on finding peace

Photo by Yuriy Kovalev on Unsplash

Aspire, grow, be more.

But lower the bar on one —

Your expectations

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