A Haiku on knowing what really matters

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’Tis not where we spend

time or money; Values are

what brings us alive.

All of us are on a quest. On a road that almost does not exist. We may see paths before us, but more often than not, we get pulled into places where there are no paths; and we realize that we are alone in that space.

Being alone does not mean we are lost. It just means that the markers that we saw pointed us in a direction where there was no road.

These markers are our Values —…

You need to put this Law to test, to see it for yourselves

Source: Creative Commons licensed images — Credit Cards and Sydney Opera House

Last week I tuned into an episode of the series Connected — The Hidden Science of Everything on Netflix. The blurb read about a law, that once seen, cannot be unseen. You would be looking for it everywhere.

It talked about Newcomb-Benford’s law. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it.

The law of anomalous numbers, or the first-digit law, is an observation about the frequency distribution of leading digits in many real-life sets of numerical data. The law states that in many naturally occurring collections…

A Haiku from a cold place

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

Summer is trending

While Australia rugged up, says

“Winter is coming”

Summer is trending everywhere — in Tiktok, at Facebook, in Instagram, at GitHub and at Discord.

It shows the disproportionate amount of time and energy the Northern Hemisphere devotes to the Internet. That’s where the Internet action is!

But as the proverbial swallow appears in the North Hemisphere, Australia and many others are rugging up — for winters of various degrees.

Six-packs wear off a little for the winter fat. It is time for dry-July — for winter is a good time to…

We all are wired for it, it seems

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Here is a confession.

I am an amateur meditator. I am a work in progress. I am walking along a new path; where I see footsteps of some others who have walked ahead of me.

The more I walk, the lesser the footsteps I see ahead though. As if, people have paused, got lost, and never proceed in that journey.


“Meditation is hard” as a mate told me at a BBQ.

It was. It still sometimes is.

Why though?

Because we are trying hard to do it. But what if we humans were made to meditate? …

This is my favorite sentence :)

The stuff that we feel sometimes have not words - and you try to get someone to come and stand next to you.

"Hey, come here. Do you see what I see?"


"Do you feel what I feel?"

Er.. Um... No..

Then you realize that the palate and the symphony inside you is adding the magic, goosebumps, smile or tears

A Tanka on what to do with it

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

Building self-esteem

implies lack, repair, or loss.

It though lies hidden

Layered in voices and thoughts

needing a cleanse, than a build.

Why do we need to build self-esteem when we already have it? We came into the world, as a drop of Nature, hollering out our potential, naked, vulnerable, and true.

Then they gave us a wash and wrapped us up — in layers. Since that day, we have been accumulating layers — impressions people make on us; of us.

Then we walk around with those layers; feeling protected first —…

The answer may not be what you think, first

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

It was a Friday evening. There were COVID-related restrictions (masks indoors). The restaurant had taken its last orders about an hour ago. We were winding up for the night — homeward bound. One of us was working the next day; another had a trek to go to. The others had to do errands for kids.

It is interesting how the grain of a Friday night changes as one counts more full moons.

In the car, on the way out of the city, a friend asked, “What is a good day for…

whether you are resetting, re-creating, or just starting up….

Photo by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

Maybe you think life is unfair. Maybe you think you need a reset. Maybe you feel you want to start afresh. But you do not know, how to.

That is a great place to be, and to start!

A good starting point is to trust the unknown. What does that mean, though?

Let us break this up.


What is trust? An inherent and undying belief in a relationship; one of mutual support and of a common belief system.

It is about resonance. When you resonate with the symphony/energy of another party…

Especially for those of us who are in our heads

Photo by Ola Dybul on Unsplash

At 6:03 AM in March, deep in a bush-walk, bordering the Indian Ocean at Augusta, the South-West tip of Australia, a mild breeze was blowing and the only human sound I could hear was of my own breathing.

I felt small and in a strange way — Connected. Connected to the grand scheme of things.

Since then, I have been struggling to find answers to two questions :

  • What does it mean to be Connected (with a capital C)?
  • How does one know? Is there a metric that I can…

A primer on building momentum

You are not what you want to be

You are not what you day-dream of

You are not what you eat

You are not what you read

You are what you do every day

You are what you think every minute

You are what your energy is now.

Want to be a writer? Write every day

Want to be a musician? Practice, play, and mentor every day

Want to be fit? Work on it, every day

“How do I do something every day, though?”

Over multiple trials and errors, this is what I have realised:

1. Start

You don’t need…

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